Birth story number one

My first pregnancy was pretty uneventful. Oh, apart from the time I was 7 months pregnant and a pipe burst all over the nursery on Christmas eve. Thank the Lord for insurance.

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Benefits of having children young

About a year ago Bo and I featured in ‘Fabulous Magazine’ (in the Sun) with an article titled ‘The Traditionalists’. Basically, it was about an apparently ‘growing band of women’ who are choosing to get married and have children before embarking on their career.

To be honest, I think being a young, married, stay-at-home mum can feel quite lonely. I don’t feel I fit into the category of ‘young mum’ who had a baby at 18 and perhaps didn’t go to university but I’ve never had a career, so I always felt weird when other mums asked if or when I was going back to work. “I don’t have a job to go back to…”

My midwife looked a bit perplexed when she was filling out my forms: pregnant with second child, aged 24, married…post graduate education? I feel like a bit of an anomaly and I’m not quite sure how I’ve fit all of that into the last 5 years.

Though there are down sides and I definitely see why some women choose not to have children until after they’ve established their careers, I am glad I’ve done it this way round. Here are my ‘benefits of having children young’: Continue reading