Sensory messy play

Recently a friend on Facebook shared a link to this amazing Rainbow foam from Fun At Home with the Kids.


I haven’t done messy play with my kids for a long time – Elodie had never done it so when I saw this I thought looked so fun and not too difficult so I gave it a go.

My pictures aren’t quite as pinterest ready but it shows how much they loved it!

IMG_2399You can find the recipe here – I doubled the recipe just to make more in one batch. It took a little time to prepare, but luckily Bo LOVES using the mixer and enjoyed seeing it get all fluffed up and adding the colours so that part was just added fun.

My original plan was to put them in the bath but that would have taken forever to fill up so I just put it in a big plastic container. It was fun to sit Elodie in it but I think Bo would have had just as much fun if it was in a washing up bowl, maybe with some toys.

We really enjoyed it and it wasn’t TOO much of a pain to tidy up afterwards, which always puts me off messy play! Let me know if you give it a go, or do you have any other great ideas?


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