Stopping breastfeeding

While I was away in Chicago without Elodie, I tried to keep my milk supply up, as I was still breastfeeding her when I  went away. I had a rented Medela pump that was proper good so it was easy to pump twice a day and I would have had no problem coming back and picking up where we left off.

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Leaving my kids for 10 days

I wrote last week about going to Chicago to see my sister and her new babies. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to take my children with me because I wanted to be able to help my sister and adding another baby into the mix would have made it too hard!

So I left my two in the capable hands of my husband, who took a week off and went to stay with the grandparents in Bristol – I knew they would have a great time visiting friends and family.

Elodie turned 8 months old while I was away, so although she is still little, she’s far from being newborn and perfectly able to spend time away from me as long as she is being looked after well but I got A LOT of comments and questions about going away without her. Maybe they were just making conversation, maybe they thought it would be nice for my sister to meet her. But Mark has gone away with work plenty of times since Elodie was born and nobody has said anything to him, or wondered what he would do with the children while he was gone. But then again, I am a stay-at-home-mum so I guess the obvious assumption is that they will be at home with me.

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I fed my breast milk to someone else’s baby 

Recently I went to stay with my sister in Chicago to help her look after her new quadruplets. These special babies were born by c-section at just over 33 weeks gestation. This meant they had low birth weights and they struggled with feeding for a little while.

I left my 2 children at home with my husband; it probably wouldn’t have been the best idea to bring my kids along when there are already 5 children in the house. The only problem was that I was still breastfeeding my 7 month old.

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