An apology to my second child…

Dear Elodie/Ellie/Elle/Belle

You’re so lucky to have an older brother. He absolutely adores you. You’re his best friend, he loves you with all his heart and would do anything for you.

But sometimes being the younger sibling isn’t so great.

I’m sorry you get kicked and mauled and dragged around on a regular basis. (By your brother!!) He means no harm but he’s only 4. He really does love you.

I’m sorry I didn’t give you a newborn photoshoot. I’m sure I’ll remember what you looked like at 2 weeks old in the years to come…

I’m sorry you don’t really have a bedtime routine. Your brother got spoilt with books, stories, songs… You’re lucky if you get a quick nursery rhyme while I’m changing your nappy, and forget a regular bathtime!

I’m sorry you didn’t really get anything for your first birthday. But your brother’s old toys are perfectly good and you’re not exactly going to remember are you?

I’m sorry I didn’t really go to baby groups with you and give you ‘friends’. (Not that sorry, because what newborn needs friends?)

I’m sorry we didn’t do water babies from 6 weeks of age and you don’t love the water as much as your brother.

Basically, I’m sorry that you don’t really have any special activities and you’re just dragged along to whatever your brother wants to do.

But actually, I’m not sorry that you get to have an amazing big brother that will look after you, protect you, make you laugh, play with you and be the best friend you’ll ever have. I guess you’ll have to take the good with the bad.



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