Losing baby weight – a day of paleo recipes

I’ve always thought that breastfeeding to lose weight was a massive con. Maybe it burns calories but let’s be honest, I don’t just eat LIKE a horse when I’m breastfeeding, I could probably eat a whole horse. We went to a world buffet restaurant for our anniversary while I was breastfeeding … well I definitely got my money’s worth! I can just eat and eat and eat, so I really wasn’t ever going to get skinny while breastfeeding. Continue reading


Guilt free quinoa chilli

I’m always looking for new recipes and I like to try new things out but I’ve got to be honest – I like things quick and simple and don’t want to have to buy a load of snazzy ingredients that I’ll never use again just for one meal. So, as boring as this may be, when I post a recipe on here I’ll try to make it practical, simple, healthy family food.

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